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Ibooks para descargar para ipad The org

Libros para grandes y pequeños. En nuestro sitio, puede leer en línea o descargar los libros electrónicos Ibooks para descargar para ipad The org por Ray fisman 978-1848549968 EPUB PDF en formatos fb2, rtf, epub, txt, pdf en su teléfono: Android, iPhone, iPad. Puede leer el libro Ibooks para descargar para ipad The org sin registrarse, pero durante la autorización puede dejar sus comentarios en el libro que leyó.

Ibooks para descargar para ipad The org
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  • Título Original: The org
  • Autor del libro: Ray fisman
  • ISBN: 978-1848549968
  • Idioma: ES
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  • Realese fecha:2013-12-27
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Ibooks para descargar para ipad The org

Why do members of Al Qaeda have to submit travel and expenses reports?

How do you create incentives for the police force, or for priests?

What are managers good for?

We create organisations because they are an efficient way of doing something we couldn't do alone. We join organisations because we are inspired by their mission, or their payslip. But once we're inside, these organisations rarely feel efficient or inspiring.

In The Org, Ray Fishman and Tim Sullivan explain the trade-offs that every organisation makes, arguing that this everyday dysfunction is in fact actually inherent in the very nature of orgs. Woven throughout The Org are fascinating stories of organisation ranging from Google and McDonald's, to Al Qaeda and the island of Samoa.

The Org tells us how the office really works. As such it is required reading for anyone who wants to come to terms with the frustrations of their workplace, or to work their way up the org.